For your Information

HOT or COLD Pack ???

The general rule is: 20 mins ON, 20 mins OFF

COLD for Inflammation / Recent Injuries / If it feels hot to the touch

• Reduces bleeding
• Pain relief
• Improves recovery time
• For up to 72 hours post injury


HOT for Muscle spasm, Cramps, Arthritic pain, Stress & Tension / Skin is normal temperature

• Increase blood flow to area, taking away toxins
• Soothes & relaxes muscle in spasm
• Increases Range of Movement
• Improves recovery time

Arnica cream can be rubbed into area after either hot or cold
(as long as there is no broken skin)

• For Sprains, Strains & Bruising
• Promotes tissue healing
• Reduces swelling & inflammation
• Eases pain
• Soothes joint pain
• Eases tired, sore and overworked muscles